Roundtable discussions 2: GFCE Next steps

The roundtable discussion on Day 2 focused on the GFCE developments. During this interactive session, the GFCE community was given the opportunity to give feedback on the plans and how they foresee the GFCE’s next steps.

Therefore, the aim of this session was to collect thoughts and ideas from the GFCE Members and Partners on the latest GFCE developments as the Foundation and the internationalization of the GFCE Secretariat.

The roundtable session resulted in new ideas and comments on the GFCE developments, which will be shared with the GFCE community and discussed with the GFCE co-chairs, the Advisory Board and the GFCE Secretariat in the coming weeks. Kindly find a short overview of the main elements mentioned below:

  • The clearing house function within the Working Groups was mentioned several times as the development within the GFCE that has a lot of potential. The advice from the GFCE community in the roundtable session was to formalize the process, and to make it crosscutting in the Working Groups for a harmonized and transparent process.
  • There were enthusiastic reactions to the announcement of the GFCE regional liaisons. This creates the opportunity to increase involvement of regional stakeholders within the GFCE.
  • The GFCE Foundation creates possibilities to increase the number of funding Members in the GFCE and will create a channel for fundraising.