Roundtable discussions 1: GFCE Working Groups

The GFCE encourages interaction between the different stakeholders and therefore similar to last year, on both Day 1 and Day 2, roundtable discussions were taking place. On Day 1, the roundtable discussion focused on the progress and ambitions of the GFCE Working Groups. The aim of the session was to involve non-Working Group participants in the processes of different Working Groups and to define some key take-aways from the GFCE community. A different Working Group was discussed per table in each round. Either a Working Group chair or a representative led the discussion at each table.

The roundtable session resulted in new ideas and comments on the progress of the respective Working Groups, which the Working Group chairs will take into consideration in the coming weeks. The roundtable discussion brought several insights that are applicable to all the Working Groups. Kindly find a short overview below:

  • More harmonization between the five Working Groups. This can be realized through different channels:

- A ‘harmonized agenda’ for the Working Groups with similar building blocks;

- Involvement of the Advisory Board members to share knowledge and feedback cross-cutting through the Working Groups;

- A quarterly Working Group Chairs call / meeting;

- Online workspace, e.g. Microsoft Teams.

  • More transparency between the Working Groups, e.g. sharing of the process as well as the outcomes with the GFCE community.
  • More awareness of the Working Groups outside the GFCE community and more outreach:

- Missing stakeholders: recipient countries, private sector, and academia.