Presentation of the GFCE Developments

GFCE Foundation

GFCE co-chair of the Netherlands, Ms. Carmen Gonsalves, elaborated on the process and the importance of the establishment of a GFCE Foundation in the near future.

A GFCE Foundation allows to further strengthening the GFCE and particularly the work done by the Secretariat. As the work done by the GFCE community intensifies and focuses more on implementation, the GFCE Secretariat plays a central role in facilitating the community as its linking pin. In particular, the GFCE Secretariat will play a crucial role within the Working Groups. Having a sustainable structure is essential for the GFCE to remain relevant for future challenges and to continue the important work in the field of cyber capacity building. The establishment of the GFCE Foundation implies that the GFCE becomes more flexible to receive and dedicate resources, expertise and knowledge. A GFCE Foundation will enable the GFCE to further internationalize. The establishment of a GFCE Foundation has no consequences for the current GFCE structure.

Further and on behalf of the Netherlands, Ms. Gonsalves stressed that the Netherlands will continue to support the GFCE (including the GFCE Secretariat) with resources (as it has done the past three years), and is looking forward to make this a joint effort with other members of the GFCE.

Internationalization of the GFCE Secretariat

The Head of the GFCE Secretariat, Mr. David van Duren, continued with a presentation on the internationalization of the GFCE Secretariat.

He first stresses the importance of the GFCE foundation for the further development (internationalization, strengthening of capacity and sustainability) of the GFCE (including the GFCE Secretariat).

Additionally, Mr. Van Duren described that gradually the GFCE is shifting its focus from awareness to implementation. The steps that are taken by the GFCE community over the past three years describe this:

1. Building a strong personal network among GFCE members;

2. Broadening the amount of (action oriented) initiatives within the GFCE (raising awareness and sharing knowledge);

3. Creating an overview on CCB activities within the Cybersecurity Capacity Portal (in cooperation with the GCSCC);

4. Creating a common focus with the development of the Delhi Communiqué;

5. Formation and the kick-off of the five Working Groups along the line of the five themes of the Delhi Communiqué.

Finally, Mr. Van Duren made some announcements of members who are supporting/have committed to support the GFCE Secretariat:

  • India: has appointed a GFCE regional liaison officer;
  • UK / FCO: will appoint a GFCE Secondee per January 1st 2019.US: working with the OAS and its members to appoint a regional liaison officer for the GFCE.
  • US: working with the OAS and its members to appoint a regional liaison officer for the GFCE.
  • Microsoft: provides Microsoft Teams (online working space) for the GFCE Working Groups and Secretariat.