GFCE Annual Meeting: Opening Day 2

GFCE co-chair of India, Mr. Ajay Sawhney, Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Mr. Secretary opened Day 2 of the GFCE Annual Meeting with a short recap of Day 1 and by providing an outline for Day 2. The focus of the first day of the GFCE Annual Meeting was to stress the need for cyber capacity building on a global level and the important role for the GFCE as a neutral, inclusive, action-oriented platform in this field. This was underlined in the opening’s panel discussion as well as during the Roundtable sessions on the progress of the GFCE Working Groups and the presentation of the GFCE developments on the Foundation and the internationalization of the GFCE Secretariat.

The second day of the GFCE Annual Meeting kicked-off with panel discussions on linking both the CCB knowledge community (e.g. the development of the CCB knowledge portal) as well as CCB research to the GFCE community. The Annual Meeting participants had the opportunity to reflect in Roundtable sessions on the GFCE developments, and the GFCE Working Group Chairs presented their respective Working Group’s progress in a short presentation.

Mr. Secretary underlined the uniqueness of the GFCE, and the Annual Meetings, which provide the opportunity to bring inspired people together to ensure that the GFCE remains and continues to develop as the platform for CCB cooperation at the cutting edge of innovation and inclusion.