Closing remarks

Mr. Teo Chin Hock, Deputy Chief Executive (Development), Cyber Security Agency Singapore

The theme for this year’s SICW is Forging a Trusted and Open Cyberspace. In this regard, it is apparent that the work of the GFCE is both significant and extremely relevant. As a coordinating platform, the GFCE encourages dialogue among multiple stakeholders on how best to implement cyber capacity building measures. These capacity building measures are crucial in building confidence and trust among like-minded partners.

Singapore was privileged to host the 3rd GFCE Annual Meeting and stands ready to support the GFCE through the ASEAN-Singapore Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence. The new Centre will be expanding on the existing ASEAN Cyber Capacity Program's task of building regional capacity in a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder manner, covering the areas of cybersecurity strategy, legislation and norms as well as technical and operational expertise. It will thus be beneficial for GFCE members to work in tandem and leverage on existing efforts such as these in order to yield better returns on our investments.

GFCE co-chair of the Netherlands, Ms. Carmen Gonsalves, Head of Taskforce International Cyber Policies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ms. Gonsalves started thanking the Cyber Security Agency Singapore (CSA) and specifically Mr. Teo Chin Hock, for their tremendous efforts and kind hospitality in hosting this 3rd GFCE Annual Meeting. In that sense Mr. Teo’s final remarks are illustrative of Singapore’s much appreciated contribution to CCB in the ASEAN region as well as to the GFCE.

Furthermore, Ms. Gonsalves expressed her gratitude and thanks to her co-chair, Mr. Ajay Sahwney, for the support and efforts on global cyber capacity building made by India. The cooperation as co-chairs certainly demonstrates a communality of purpose, based on a shared commitment. In addition, the GFCE members were thanked for their active participation in the Annual Meeting and especially within the Working Groups. The GFCE members are the heart of the GFCE and we all are looking forward to the activities and outcomes of the Working Groups in the coming year.

Finally, the GFCE calls for expressions of interest to host the next Annual Meeting. Please reach out to the GFCE Secretariat for further information.

The GFCE secretariat wishes to thank all participants for their valuable contributions to the GFCE Annual Meeting 2018 and we look forward to our continued close cooperation.